News Centre –TDO- Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Ankara Hosted by Bwalya Lyapa Nondo, a reception was held at Atli Hotel for the Zambian National Day. A number of foreign missions representatives, diplomats and journalists from Ankara participated in the reception that Labor and Social Security Minister Jülide Sarıeroğlu was honored.

Speaking at the reception, Minister Sarieroglu, celebrating the 53rd anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Zambia, said, "Zambia is among the important political and economic potentials of Africa." said.

"Zambia is grateful for the steady support that Zambia has given in different areas through TIKA and other institutions", emphasizing that the two countries have a sincere relationship based on mutual respect and mutual benefit. Then, Minister Sarieroglu and Nondo together in a cake.