Recently, there is a discussion about reopening of the frontier, which was shut to Armenia 11 years ago by Turkey, or not. There are different reactions from different regions. Friends, enemies, partisans of Russia, partisans of USA, all have caught a great opportunity to declare their secret goals, which have been hidden for years. But why is this this discussed? What have changed since the border had been shut down, and this topic is put on the agenda again? Did Turkey give up the conditions, which were declared to Armenia? Or did Armenia give up supposedly genocide assertions and take the items about land demands from Turkey out of its constitution? Or, does Armenia withdraw the Azerbaijan land, which was hold by force? Which of the following had become true then, the opening of the frontier is being discussed? Somebody has to enlighten both Turkish people and sister Azerbaijani people about this incident. Because, both nations are anxious. Besides, we can call Azerbaijan a little bit angry as well. As follows, articles in Azerbaijan press have been frequently met in terms of accusations about Turkey for betrayal and especially in opposition of Atatürk. It is possible to comprehend the anxiety of sister Azerbaijan, and their demand from Turkey about reopening of the Armenian frontier, too. However, the bringing the incident forth betrayal is likely to be unjust. Because, Ankara had some demands from Azerbaijan, in the past. Baku, which was opposed to Ankara, had chosen to act self-seekingly, about renting the Gebele Radar Station; which allows to follow the military ships, establishment and missile movements, especially the Russian ones in Middle east and in the Indian Ocean’s coast band; to RF. And Turkey had accused Azerbaijan about this incident. Because, this is a common incident in terms of political strategies. However, what is meant to be declared here, is that, the decision of Azerbaijan at that time was taken as betrayal to Turkey, likewise Azerbaijan has to act with common sense. Each country first watches its own benefits, and then its neighbors’ benefits. Such an act is natural and not related to betrayal. Moreover, this kind of attitudes of Azerbaijan towards Turkey about incidents, which did not become facts, is only beneficial for the ones who wish to harm Azerbaijan-Turkey friendship. Turkey has always demonstrated good-intended attitudes towards Armenia. Besides of all, Turkey had helped Armenia during the time it was established in 1991, and even had let human aid to be sent through Turkey. What did Armenia do in return; - Organized opposing acts towards Turkey with the political bodies in other countries. - Declared TELIRIAN as war hero, who had murdered Talat Paşa, who had been the volunteer of the first Balkan War, had save Edirne of the Bulgarian occupation, had been the founder of the Union and Progress Assembly, had deserved the Minister of Home and grand vizier position; and has been preparing a monument in his name in Erivan. -Suggested the Armenians in Turkey to sue Ankara government for compensation about the “1915 mistreated ones” - Even had gone to far to claim that the adopted child of Atatürk, Sabiha Gökçen, was Armenian. Even more examples can be given, what did Armenia do for amity and how come in return could it ask to be supported in terms of economies by reopening of the Turkish frontier? Moreover, if we assume the reopening of the frontier, will it be able to leakage of Armenian and KONGRA-GEL terror to Turkey? Or at least, will it want to stop it? And.... in the future when Armenia becomes more powerful with the help of Turkey, will it give up demanding for Kars, Erzurum? Will Armenia think that Turkey may give compensations under pressure and add new demands? Questions are many! There is another question, in the first place to USA and to the ones waiting the first step from Turkey; “Why is it not asked to Armenia, which holds 1/5 of the Azerbaijan lands by force, demands land from Georgia, asks for both Naxcivan and for the east of Turkey, but asked to Turkey to compensate? Or does someone exist who aims to collect the Armenian votes in the coming elections, adds Armenia and Caucasians to the great Middle East Project and knows that he can make Turkey do what he wants?

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