Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.09.2018 On Tuesday, Russia commenced Vostok-2018 military drill with its regional ally China in its eastern territories. In the military exercise, Russian Ministry of Defence commissioned its ground, air and naval forces consisting of 300,000 military personnel’s and officers, while China shows up with its ground troops. In accordance with the official figures released by Russian MoD, Russia designated certain number of air units composed of 6,000 airborne, 1000 drone, warplane, military transport aircraft, attack and utility helicopters as well as 36,000 ground units comprised of tank, self-propelled howitzer, armoured personnel carrier and air defence systems. In addition to air and grounds forces, Russian Naval Force’s destroyer, frigate and auxiliary vessels, which reach total number of 80, participate in Vostok-2018. Chinese military forces sent its 3,200 military personnel’s to Russia’s Tsugou Range so as to get involved in military manoeuvres with Russian forces. What makes Vostok-2018 important is that Russian Army will test its new brand military weapons, aside from being the country’s one of the biggest military drill.

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