Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.07.2017 Vatican has just decided on the closure of its 100 fountain, on account of extreme drought. In Rome, where the lowest proportion of the last 2 years in rainfall is being experienced, the local authorities are planning to prepare watery precaution program as a result of extreme heat. In accordance with the program in preparation, dwellers of Capital Rome will be subject to some restrictions in the water usage. Especially that the local authorities resort to the water-rationing in the distribution of water is deemed as a tool for averting the immense waste of water by the settlers. In addition, Rome municipality emphasized the inevitability of switching fountains peculiar to Baroque architecture off. This decision local authorities thinking of implementing may likely trigger the decline in the tourist to Rome. For this reason, Rome has been warning settlers about properly usage of water by refraining from the waste of water. Additionally, Rome asks its settlers to take tourist factor into consideration, when it comes to the usage of water.

The capital city of Italy, Rome, witnessed almost 57% decrease in rainfall in the first half of 2017. Rome was meeting its water need from Lake Bracciano which is located in Lazio region. However, the imminent threat posed by that the lake is about to deplete sets Lazio in motion. To be able to curtail total depletion of lake, Lazio decided on temporary termination of pumping water to Rome. Following this decision, Rome stated that they will suspend water distribution to whole city for 8 hours, starting from 28th July on. Legambiente, an environmental organization in Italy, reported that the core motive why Rome is suffering from water shortages is emanating from fountains leaking almost half of water in their pipes. For this reason, Legambiente described fountains as “sieve” caused by the pipe’s rustiness and agedness.If Legambiente’s report is verified by municipality, then, Rome’s plans for closing fountains including in Baroque ones will be legitimized. However, this plan also bothers many people such as those living off tourism. They will eventually question about whether the officials do their job.

Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Sardinia Island share the same troubles with Rome as well. They are also going through the same awful process. Emilia Romagna and Tuscany administrations proclaimed the state of emergency owing to water shortages. As for Sardinia, the local authorities are seeking for the same status as in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. On the grounds that, aggravating wildfire in the country side is increasingly escalating to an irreversible extent.  Besides such drawbacks, Sardinian farmer’s association named ‘Coldiretti’ assumed that there would be 2 Billion € agricultural loss later on. Besides this unfortunate, Coldiretti stated that they are also examining a fall in milk production. As a result of all these unfavorable happenings across Italy, Pope said that water saving should not be obligatory and necessary, but it should be moral duty which waste of water stemming from arbitrary usage of water should be averted once and for all.