Mustafa AY – TDO – 09.08.2017 US aircrafts conducted a storming bombardment over Seyid Suheda Unit of Iraqi Hashd al Sha' abi in Anbar province nearby Iraqi border. Ali Hasim Huseyni, commander of Hashd al Sha' abi, stated that the airstrike led the casualties comprising of 35 dead and 25 seriously wounded militias.

Pentagon has thought of the fact that Hashd al Sha' abi enhanced its influence over Iraqi government. That’s why, Washington is disturbed with the happenings concerning Shia force’s increasing influence and prominence to military matters in the region, which renders US military aid and regional strategy unnecessary. Besides, that Shaban Nasiri -one of Iranian Revolutionary Guard- was send by the government with the purpose of commanding Shia Paramilitary Units in Mosul combat against DAES is another, but the key reason bothering Washington in effect. However, he was shot dead in the Mosul combat in this May. Tehran has had double-purposed plan with this tactical and strategic backup to Shia units in Iraq. As abovementioned, Iran provided Hashd al Sha' abi militias with tactical and strategic awareness and guidance. As for second one, Tehran has been aimed at transforming this Shia Paramilitary Units into a power steering domestic politics of Iraq. For this reason, Pentagon is right to think like this. As Hashd al Sha' abi’s military size in terms of militia currently reached 100.000 which is deemed as a potential trouble-making for US hegemony in the region. Thus, such a great ‘denomination-oriented’ army monitored by Iran poses imminent threat to the presence of US and US-Iraqi affairs.