Mustafa AY- TDO- 27.11.18 On Monday's first hours, Russian Coast Guard opened fire on three Ukrainian military vessels - two in kind of 'fast attack-boat' and one in kind of 'tag boat'- on account of violation of Russia's territorial waters. Following firefight, both two of attach-boats with two crews got physical damages. Russian Special Forces launched operation to detain Ukrainian soldiers and Confiscated vessels. In response to Russia's act of confiscation of its military units, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko demanded immediate release of their military personnel and ships from Russian authorities. Besides, Poroshenko announced that he would declare martial law at the and of day. So, he issued presidential decree to impose martial law as promised. After literally ordering the parliament an emergency session for, the parliament arranged voting to approve presidential decree of martial law and so, they did uphold it on Monday night. In accordance with unanimous approval, the law will be remaining in force for 30 days.

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