News Center–TDO-The press meeting of “Ukrainian Culinary Days” event organized by the Ukrainian Embassy and Ankara HiltonSA was held in Ankara HiltonSA.

Andrii Sybiha, Ambassador of Ukraine to Ankara, Yurii Kovryzhenko, guest chef from Ukraine, and Marc Schumacher, General Manager of Ankara HiltonSA, attended to the press meeting.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Sybiha stated that the Ukrainian culture will be introduced in Ankara.

Mr. Ambassador stressed that the organization of such an organization is a unique opportunity for the promotion of Ukraine, and that such events give the opportunity to learn more about the neighboring countries. Sybiha also talked about the collaboration in many areas of Turkey and Ukraine and he stated that these two countries are improving their relations.

Mr. Ambassador also stated that Ukraine Culinary Days have been organized in many countries, but it is very difficult to promote the food culture in Turkey because Turkey has the world's best cuisine.

Ukrainian Kovryzhenko chief also stated thatthere is more than a neighborly relations between Turkey and Ukraine.

Kovryzhenko said, "There are many common memories in the history of the two countries. You can see Turkish culture in Ukraine, and vice versa. For example, many different Turkish dishes are popular in Ukraine. I am using Turkish food as a chef."

Thanking those who contributed to the event, Kovryzhenko stated that both traditional and new tastes of Ukrainian cuisine would be served during the event.

Schumacher, General Manager of Hilton SA, also thanked the Embassy of Ukraine for their great efforts.

Following the press conference, Chef Kovryzhenko cooked Kholodets (Chicken Jelly), one of the traditional Ukrainian dishes, and served it to the participants.

Ukrainian Culinary Days event can be visited until Friday, April 5th.

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