Mustafa AY – TDO – 08.06.2018 On Monday, Greek court issued a decision with regards to 8 fugitive coup plotters. In accordance with the decision, Greece ceased almost 2 year-long imprisonment of coup plotters. Even if Greece released fugitive coup plotters from the jail, Greek administration provides them with high security accomodation, which means that they’ve been kept under strict surveillance by Greek police. Following Greek court’s decision, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs released an official statement concerning this sensitive subject. Turkish authorities found Greek court’s decision inconvenient to the law and democracy. Turkey’s official statement was then deemed as the apparent testimony of exacerbating diplomatic ties with Greece.

On Thursday, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu –Minister of Foreign Affairs – touched on this delicate issue by making crucial remarks. In his statement, there will be consequences of this illegal action exhibited by Athens, said Çavuşoğlu. With this statement, Çavuşoğlu announced suspension of readmission deal with Greece. From 2016 onwards, Turkey has adhered to the deal by restricting Middle Eastern refugee’s passage into Greek lands. However, Greece’s rejection of extradition demand of Ankara and Greek court’s release of 8 fugitive coup plotters fueled tension between two countries. Therefore, Greece didn’t give a choice to Turkey other than suspending readmission deal. With that move, Turkey evidently retaliated Greek administration’s indifferent approach to Ankara’s demands ultimately.


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