İrem UZUN -TDO- North Korea named a veteran diplomat with extensive U.S. experience as its chief negotiator for working-level talks with Washington. The negotiator in talks with the US welcomed President Donald Trump's suggestion of trying a "new method" in negotiationsand hailed the exit of his hawkish national security adviser.

Kim Myong Gil – the nuclear negotiator – said Friday that he welcomed Trump's suggestion that a "new method" of negotiation might reach a deal, which has remained elusive despite thawing ties between Washington and Pyongyang.

Mr. Gil said“If the former shilly-shallying U.S. administrations with a rigid way of thinking were still in power, an uncontrollable situation would doubtless be created on the Korean peninsula, and no one would deny that this would come to be a direct threat to the U.S. security”.

There has been no announcement yet on the venue and precise schedule for the talks.