Mustafa AY – TDO – 30.01.2018 In the wake of Palestine’s opposition against USA in terms of Washington’s overenthusiasm for making Jerusalem the capital city of Israel, Washington seemingly perceived this opposition from Palestine as an insult, which makes non-sense for a country far away from the disputed lands. Especially following the overwhelming majority of UN members’ triumph against USA, Washington commenced to gradually withdraw or suspend its resources from UN projects, more basically humanitarian aid programs outside USA.

In 2017, Washington firstly announced the end of its membership in UN’s World Heritage Agency, which Israel’s decision followed in the same way with USA’s right then. As known, USA’s ambassador to UN made a statement concerning that they’ll not sustain aiding Palestine until Palestine opts for compromising with themselves and Israel. The humanitarian aid cuts, which covers total 110 million dollars – both food supply (46 million dollars) and budget of UN’s Relief and Work Agency (65 million dollars) -, prompted outrage of UNRWA’s employees in Palestine. They demonstrated against Washington’s unethical decision, which may cause to deprive hundreds of thousands of children of the right of education as well as more than 3 million Palestinians’ already substandard living conditions on account of Israel’s heavy sanction over the besieged region/Gaza Strip. 

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