Ayberk Eryılmaz-TDO-Rex Tillerson tells diplomats at U.S. consulate in Istanbul that US lost mutual with Turkey because the relationship under some stress in some cases. For instance, to rout complemently the ISIL, US prefer to partner with the significant ethnic minority that Turkey believes these group is very close to separatist terrorist group in their country. Additionally, there is a disposition to conduct with authoritarian manner causing discord with western states. He continued that “Turkey's relations with Washington plummeted in the final months of Barack Obama's administration but Ankara has hoped for an improvement under President Donald Trump”.

Nevertheless, Tillerson think the process optimistically such that the relationship between US and Turkey will put it on the mend. He indicates the reliance is fundamental of everything and US is striving to rebuild the mutual reliance.

Also he mentioned about the President Erdoğan that “things are getting a little better in terms of the tone between us”.