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Not a single day goes past without the economic and political balances in the world shifting. This rickety outlook often causes the two major players at the European level of the global chessboard to face off.The USA, which has watched on, perhaps in desperation, perhaps without concern as Ukraine was invaded by Russia now seems determined to cut off the Russian threat to Europe, which is advancing step by step. Fearing that the separatist movements in Trans-Dniester will spread out to Moldova, later to Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, the USA is taking steps to aid Moldova. Although there are significant problems between Moldova and Romania, the shortest and safest stepping stone to Moldova is Romania for the USA.
That is why the military exercise “Dragon” is being held in Moldova, with the participation of some US troops stationed in Romania. The USA has made a concrete display of its support for Moldova through this drill, in which US fortifications units worked alongside their Moldovan counterparts.Pro-Russian groups have been disturbed at the arrival of US troops in Moldova. The people of Moldova feel an affinity towards Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania, with the USA not featuring in the list. The leader of the Moldovan Socialists Party Igor Dodon has stopped the US troops at the border gate. Dodon went further and carried out ID checks on the arriving troops. This was made possible by the increasingly democratic political landscape of Moldova. Dodon’s ID checks did not stop the US troops from entering the country and carrying out joint manoeuvres. So, the USA has tried to show Russia that Moldova is not an easy picking. In return Russia has announced that the USA cannot move freely along the shores of the Black Sea. As they say, the world turns...News Centre