News Center -TDO- Sultanate Oman's Ambassador to Turkey Qasim Mohamad Salim Al Salhi hosted an event at the Oman’s Embassy in Ankara due to the arrival of, Sultanate Oman Nizwa Motorcycle Federation team. 

Sultanate Oman’s Ambassador to Turkey Qasım Mohamad Salim Al Salhi, mission representatives from Ankara, athletes from Ankara Anadolu Balkan Sports Club and many other guests attended to the event.

In his speech, Ambassador Al Salhi, thanked the Nizwa Club team who came to Ankara and said "This step is of great importance to reinforce the relations between these two countries.”

The event continued with the sema show and folk dances, after the gift of Ambassador Al Salhi to the Nizwa motorcycle team.

The six-member motorcycle team of the Nizwa Motorbike Federation of Oman will visit 41 countries in Asia and Europe to promote the history, culture and tourism of Oman.

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