Mustafa AY – TDO – 07.08.2018 That Canada addressed Saudi Arabia an allegation of apprehending human rights activists in an unwarranted way triggered unilateral suspension of diplomatic affairs by Saudi administration. Right after Ottawa issued the allegation against Saudi Arabia, Riyadh released an official statement of condemination on the grounds that Canada explicitly attempted at interfering into interior affairs as well as stigmatizing themselves with an unfounded allegations. After issuing official condemnation against Ottawa on account of contravention of their national sovereignty, Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled its envoy. Following this move, Saudi Foreign Ministry expelled Canadian ambassador from the country.

Riyadh administration, in response to Canada’s allegations of violation of imprescriptible human rights, did not merely freeze diplomatic ties with Canada, but also froze all sorts of affairs. To elaborate, Riyadh suspended ongoing all new trade and investment transcations. After this move, Riyadh underscored this message “For the reason of being an independent and sovereign nation, Saudi Arabia retains the right to take further action on its own.” Canada addressed Saudi administration the allegations of infringment of human rights becasue Riyadh has recently detained two human rights activists named Samar Badawi and Nassima al-Sadah, who are of Saudi origin. Canada said that both activists were exposed to depriviation of impresciptible human rights since they confronted with heavy conditions during detention, that were put by Saudi officials. Thus, Ottawa demands Saudi administration on releasing both human rights activist effective immediately.

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