Serhat TUNAR - TDO- For the first time in the country's history, Saudi Arabia appointed a woman as ambassador. Princess Reema was appointed as the Washington Embassy fourteen years after her father, former Washington Ambassador Prince Bender bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

Princess Reema was appointed by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Selman in royal decree. With this decree, Mohammed bin Selman issued three royal decrees on behalf of his father, King Selman.

With the new decrees issued, current Ambassador to Washington, Prince Khalid bin Selman, was appointed deputy defense minister. In addition, due to the war in Yemen, it was decided to give a month's bonus to the soldiers serving on the southern border of the country.

Princess Reema would like to thank King Selman and Prince Selman on his Twitter account after his appointment and stated that he would do his best to make the best representation of his country.

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