Mustafa AY – TDO – 08.08.2018 After Canada addressed Saudi Arabia allegations of contravention of human rights on account of apprehension of two human rights activists, Saudi Foreign Ministry recalled its ambassador to Ottawa and gave Canadian envoy 24 hours to leave the Kingdom. Moreover, Riyadh administration announced the decision on freezing all new business transactions and investments with Canada for the reason that Canada allegedly attempted at interfering into interior affairs of the Kingdom.

In the aftermath of exacerbating diplomatic crisis amidst both countries, Saudi Arabia Airways (SAUDIA) released an announcement relating to the diplomatic crisis through its official Twitter account. In accordance with the announcement, SAUDIA decided on suspending its flights to Canada’s Toronto indefinetly. SAUDIA officials stated that as long as Canada does not exhibit a moderate approach to the Kingdom, SAUDIA’s flights to Canada will remain suspended.

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