Armenians have tried to make a new attack. In pas days, 138 representatives of Armenian organizations that came from 52 countries have met in Moscow and founded the World’s Armenian Organization. The Organization which is a new example of usual attempts by Armenian lobbies, took its place in the agenda by the participation of Armenians of Armenia, Russia and other countries, this time as a result of an attempt of Ara Abramyan, the head of the Union of Armenians of Russia. The realization of the foundation of World’s Armenian Organization in Russia did not happen by chance. Because there is friendship between the two societies with its roots in history. Even Russian Tsars had friendly attitudes towards Armenians. For example, one of the decisions by Peter the Great was like this: “Armenians should be treated calmly and different matters should be made easy for them in order to promote them to come in increasing numbers”!! This attitude of Russia even continues nowadays. For Armenians, who have been living for hundreds of years under Russian protection, founded a state as a result of their material, spiritual and political aids, Russia preserved its position the second motherland. Therefore “We can work here freely against a country or countries that are percept as enemy” logic is in work. Today Armenians can organize every kind social or cultural activities in Moscow. They publish newspapers and journals in order to make known their own culture. These activities are supported financially by Armenian businessmen and academicians in Moscow. Furthermore, it is possible to see Armenians that live in Russia in social life, trade, official ranks and cultural institutions of this country. On the other hand, the Diaspora in Russia is the most crowded one among the Armenia Diaspora in foreign countries. 3 million Armenians live in Armenia, while the number of Armenians that live in Armenia is 2,5 millions. However, the number of Armenians who live in Moscow is 400 thousand. Because of all of these reasons, it is seen as a logical choice from Armenians’ point of view to organize the foundation congress of Unity of Armenians of Russia in Moscow. Then, what is the situation when somebody looks from the Russian point? It is seen from Putin’s speech that the Armenian Congress have attracted his attention (!); the expression that “Our cooperation today is in accordance with deep benefits of the two country” is like a short summary of Russia’s and Armenia’s unification on a mutual ground. What is the deep benefit here? What kind of a similarity exists between the benefits of Russia and Armenians? Otherwise, Does Russia put into work the principia that “enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Apart from this, it is difficult to understand what lies behind his belief that the Armenian Organization “will contribute to struggle against terrorism enormously” and his attitude towards the necessity to oppose nationalist-religious movements. Because, there should be no relationship between the theme of “protection of Armenian interests”, which is the fundamental aim of the organization, and terrorism or with the nationalist-religious movements in Russia. Furthermore, Russia errs in expecting the contribution of an Armenian organization about the struggle in terrorism. Because the blood shed by ASALA has not dried yet. On the other hand, now the source of Putin’s fear that he calls nationalist-religious movement is very well known. Namely, schools opened in Russia by some trusts of Turkey resulted in the rise of fear of Russia from the Turks again and were closed “in the framework of” Russian laws, because they were conducted in “Panturkizm”. Because Russia thought that its security is in danger. In other words, Russian propaganda which tried to make the Turks, who live in its lands, the name of their tribes as the name of their nationality feared from the development of unity and solidarity among them. This fear took Russia as far as creating an imaginary Panturkizm idea. The fact that Russia opens its doors to those who deal with Panarmenianizm and even does not see the security of the region in threat when there are calls that demand land from Turkey; while it sees national movements as a threat and is so stretched when there is no evidence about conducting Panturkizm, shows the unbelievable situation. If Russia wants to prove that it does not like to hear chauvinistic speeches in its lands, first of all it should put barriers in front of its own leaders! Moreover, it should not be among those that applaud to and think like Jirinovsky, whom we know for his racist speeches; he said that the Mount Agri should be released out of Turkish oppression and Turks should pay compensation. Finally, the best answer to Russia and Armenian Diaspora was given by again by an Armenian. Declaration of the Patrick of Armenians of Turkey, which states that “Armenians of Turkey as citizens of Republic of Turkey have no problems in Turkey and there is no Armenian problem in Turkey and therefore there is no need for intervention of third parties”, is a clear enough expression.

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