Mustafa AY- TDO-28.11.18 On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin touched on the current naval crisis with Ukraine. Putin asserted that Ukrainian Navy's military vessels' transgression of Russia's territorial waters off the coast of annexed Crimea fueled interstate tension, which arose from ongoing armed-conflict in Eastern Ukraine first. Russian Special Forces' operation to confiscate the vessels and to take the sailors into custody is a standard procedure followed under such circumstances, added Putin. Putin continued with that in wake of incident, Ukrainian President's presidential decree to declare martial law will work nothing, but for escalation of conflict in Crimea. As his final utterances, Putin announced that Russia's so-called 'Court of Crimea' sentenced 5 of 24 Ukrainian sailors to imprisonment over the indictment of contravening Russia's territorial waters. Another 12's lawsuit will take place in the forthcoming days.


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