İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-16.05.2017 There is a popular religious route to visit for Christians in Medjugorje/Bosnia. In 1981, six Bosnian children and teenagers said they saw an appearance of the Virgin.  After this interesting event, city started to attract thousands of tourists annually.

On Saturday, Pope Francis expressed serious doubts about daily apparitions of the Virgin at Medjugorje.He said ‘’The woman they saw “is not the mother of Jesus” and acknowledged that he preferred “’the Mother Madonna’ or ‘our Mother’ and not the ‘Madonna chief of service’, for sending daily messages”, on his return from a trip to Portugal. He added “These supposed apparitions don’t have much value – I’m giving my personal opinion”.

Previously, in November 2013, he raised some questions about the place and said, “The Virgin is not a chief of the post office who would send messages every day.”

Nevertheless, at the time, Pope did not immediately reject the allegations and said ‘’ On the original apparitions, the ones the children had, the enquiry says, more or less, that investigations need to continue”.

This is a bad news for the small Bosnian town as it may cause decrease in its income. Also, it is important to remind that only 10% of Bosnian population is Catholic.