Hassam Hameed-TDO-15.02.2018- Gupta family has been involved in controversy for sometime for their dealing with the current President. Elite unit of police raided house of Gupta’s as part of an ongoing investigation. This raid comes when President Jacob Zuma is drowned by enormous controversies and pressure to resign.

Local media reported that there have been few arrests, including one of the brothers from Gupta family. Police have been raiding other properties belonging to Gupta family as well. Raids are being linked to Vrede farm investigation, in which Gupta family is said to have pocketed large sum of money from its dealing to finance a lavish wedding. Part of the raids included offices of Ace Magashule, in search for documents, who is elected secretary general of African National Congress.

A Government ombudsman reported presidents and Gupta family collusion to win government contracts. Situation worsened to massive protests when 100,000 emails were leaked suggesting the extent of Gupta family involvement in government.