İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-03.08.2017- Pentagon and American State Department will send ‘’ defensive weaponary’’ to Ukraine.

According to American Defence Department officers, The Pentagon and State Department have proposed to the White House a plan to supply Kiev with anti-tank, anti-air craft missiles and other  ‘’ defensive’’ arms in order to cope with pro-Russian seperatists and deter Moscow’s  ‘’ aggressive’’ actions. Nevertheless, it is not sure that US President Donald Trump will approve the draft.

It is significant to remind that eight former senior American officials urged the Obama administration to send $3 billion in defensive arms and equipment to Ukraine, including anti-armor missiles, reconnaissance drones, armored Humvees and radars that can determine the location of enemy rocket and artillery fire in 2015. However, as Obama administration hesitated from any undesired response from Moscow, US just senden nonlethal itams such as body armor, night-vision goggles, first aid kits and engineering equipment.

If we take political and military wiggles in former Soviet –NATO borders like new military settlements in Lithuania and sculpture crisis in Poland into account and remember risky situation in North Korean Crisis, the South China Sea dispute and Syrian Crisis, it would just be a problematic decision to worsen bilateral relations betweeen Washington and Moscow. Despite Cold-War like situation in bilateral relations between Russia and US, Trump is under pressure at home.  He and his family members are under investigation regarding claims about Russian interference to American Presidential elections. Therefore, any friendly-like approach, word or policy leaded by Trump will decrease his prestige and attract his rivals.