Decision follows initial results from crash investigation

Robert Harneis –TDO-( FRANCE) - Israel’s boasting about how its amazingly expensive F35 US jet fighters would be able to neutralize Syria’s relatively advanced new S300 has suffered a considerable jolt.

The entire global fleet of US F-35 fighter jets has been grounded, the Pentagon said on Thursday morning, pending a fleet-wide inspection of engines in the wake of an F-35B crash last month.

“The action to perform the inspection is driven from initial data from the ongoing investigation of the F-35B that crashed in the vicinity of Beaufort, South Carolina, on 28 September,” according to a statement from the F-35 Joint Program Office, posted by US Naval Institute News.

“The aircraft mishap board is continuing its work and the US Marine Corps will provide additional information when it becomes available.”

The inspections will look at possible defects in fuel tubes in the engines and are expected to be completed within the next several days.

The F-35B crash in South Carolina was the first ever such accident involving an F-35 variant.

The F35 has sometimes appeared to be more to do with political favors, jobs and profits for the US defense industry than producing a viable aircraft. According to Business Insider in 2014 it accounted for 32,500 jobs in 46 states of the United Sates[i]. Nine countries have been roped in to help fund the cost with inevitably the UK leading the list of contributors. The estimated lifetime cost of the aircraft is 1.5 trillion dollars.



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