Hassam Hameed-TDO-27.02.2018- Papua New Guinea experienced a 7.5 quake, aftershocks are expected. Army is been sent in by the government to respond to any possible fatality. There is no official statement for any casualty in the region as of yet. Earthquakes are very common in PNG.

The chief secretary to the government, Isaac Lupari "It is advisable to stay out of multi-storey buildings, to be aware of the potential of landslides, and to be prepared to move to open ground in the event that an aftershock is felt". US seismologists have said that there is no threat of Tsunami, and it happened 55 miles south in Enga province.

This region has many companies extracting and producing oil & gas. None of the company working has reported any damage or casualty. Although some have closed off production for any possible damage, hence assessment is on its way.