News Center-TDO-02.08.2017- Ambassador of Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic to Turkey, Fazıl Can Korkut, hosted a reception regarding the 446th anniversary of conquest of the island by Ottomans, 59th anniversary of the establishment of Turkish Endurance Organization and the 41st anniversary of the establishment of Security Forces Command in Gazi Officer’s Club.

Several respected guests including Second President of Military Staff, Full General Ümit Dündar and Special Forces Commander, Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakallı.

The program started with Colonel Akın Örsdemir’s speech and continued with a documentary film, cake ceremony and treat of traditional dishes.

Western supported Greek Nationalism led the revival of Hellenistic megali idea that also paved the way for the Greek Cypriot demand for enosis which foresee union with Greece in 1870’s. In 1878, Britain assumed the administration of the island even though it remained de jure part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1914, British forces annexed the island and declared Cyprus as a Crown Colony later in 1925. Starting with 1930’s Greek Cypriots took some violent actions. For instance, a group of riots burned the British Governor’s House in 1931. The Greek Orthodox Church organised a plebiscite in 1950.

On 1 April 1955, the Greek Cypriot terrorist organisation, EOKA, was founded to achieve enosis. Turkish Cypriots rightfully expressed their voices against island’s political merge with Greece but victimized by violent attacks of the group. In 1959, Turkish, Greek and British authorities met in London and Zurich then the Republic of Cyprus was established in 1960 as a bi-communal state based on partnership between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. Meanwhile, British sgovernment succeed to secure its advantage to have two military bases on strategically significant island. Cyprus was designed as a federation that was a member of UN. It was the closest version to contemporary plan that was debated recently.

Nevertheless, as Greek’s desire is not to have a peaceful life with Turkish inhabitants who were living on the island for centuries and have natural right to continue living there, Greek nationalists violated the agreement and attacked to them in 1963. On 4 March 1964, United Nations Security Council (UNSC) accepted Resolution 186 that orders the establishment of UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP). In 1974, Greek military junta in cooperation with EOKA tried to achieve enosis and staged a coup detat in the island. 

Even Archbishop Makarios, called it as “an invasion which violated the independence and sovereignty of the Republic.” During his address to the UN Security Council on 19 July 1974. Based on its rights, Turkish authorities made a military intervention to island fort he sake of saving its cognates and secure their basic rights.  Unfortunatelly, some Western powers could not be enough ‘’civilized’’ to be neutral, give Turks credit for living in their homeland  like they always defended this for  several pro-western groups all over the World and did not recognized the independence of Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic (NCTR).