İrem UZUN -TDO- North Korea has fired two unidentified "projectiles" into the sea, the South Korean military said, adding that it would maintain its readiness to track and monitor further launches.Japan’s Defense Ministry said the North Korea launched two “short-range missiles” that traveled 350-400 km and reached an altitude of about 100 km, adding that they were not believed to have fallen into Japan’s exclusive economic zone or territory. If it is confirmed as a missile test, it would be the North Korea's 12th such launch since May 2019.

The apparent testing comes as nuclear talks between Pyongyang and Washington remain at a deadlock. The last time U.S. President Donald Trump met Kim Jong-un was in June, when the two leaders met at the inter-Korean border. Talks between U.S. and North Korean officials in Sweden earlier this month failed to make any progress. Senior North Korean official Kim Yong Chol on Sunday said his country was running out of patience with Washington over what it described as “unilateral disarmament demands”and warned that a close personal relationship between the leaders alone wouldn't be enough to prevent nuclear diplomacy from derailing.He said the Trump administration would be "seriously mistaken" if it ignores an end-of-year deadline set by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for mutually acceptable terms for a deal to salvage nuclear diplomacy.