Mustafa AY-TDO-On Tuesday, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu made threatening utterances against Tehran in the ceremony which was arranged for inauguration of newly-appointed Chief of Staff of Israeli Defense Forces- Aviv Kochavi -. Netanyahu strictly wanted Tehran to withdraw its militia forces from Syrian conflict. In case of that Tehran persists in keeping its forces on the field, Israel is determined to proceed with its aerial attacks on Iranian positions in Syria, stated PM Netanyahu. As his last words, Israeli PM claimed that Iran steadily tells lies concerning its militia forces in Syria by uttering that they assigned military advisers to Syria's Assad Regime.

Israeli Defense Forces’ new top commander Aviv Kochavi reiterated his PM's remarks. Kochavi said that they will accelerate their offensive campaign against Iranian forces in Syria. In addition to this, Kochavi underlined that they will afford all military needs of Syrian opposition forces. What we can infer from Israel General's remarks is that, even if Tehran 'unexpectedly' decides to retreat all forces from Syrian conflict, Israel will continue to take place in Syrian war because of national interest of Israel. The answer to the question "how they'll take place in Syrian war" is that they preserve their national interest through the policy of 'proxy war'. In other words, Tel Aviv will proceed with feeding Syrian opposition with arms supply and intelligence, of course, in return for perpetuating the fight against Syria's Assad Regime Forces, which leads to relieve the security concerns of Tel Aviv.

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