New Ambassador of Brazil to Turkey Eduardo Gradilone Hosted an Acquaintance Meeting

New Ambassador of Brazil to Turkey Eduardo Gradilone hosted a reception in the embassy, to meet respected guests from diverse occupations. Diplomats of several states, representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and media joined the event.

Gradilone welcomed guests in the front door with his beautiful wife . People were smiling during the reception which was held in a warm environment.

Later Gradilone  made a speech to tell how he was appreciated to be here and thanked to guests for their participation. Then he gave the microphone to his wife, with making joke of saying ‘’Let me give the microphone to my wife and led her repeat all of his compliments and add some too. ‘’  Mrs. Gradilone   also thanked to wife’s of other ambassadors  like her, for their attention and joked  ‘’ We are travelling around and having good time while you are working ‘’. After the end of the speeches of entertaining couple , programme continued with music.