News Center-TDO-15.09.2017- Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey, Andrii Sybiha, hosted a reception regarding the 26th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine and 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Ukraine, in Sheraton Hotel. Several respected guests joined to the event including Deputy Prime Minister, Nurettin Canikli.

The program started with Ambassador’s speech. Initially, Syhiba read famous verses as ‘’ What make a flag real is the blood on it, If you died in pursuit of land it is the motherland’’ and reminded ongoing war in Ukraine. He said ‘’ We have lost 7% of our territory, 20% of our industry, our citizens struggle to preserve their rights and freedoms everyday’’. Also, he gave some good news as ‘’ Ukrainian economy had some signs to recover the crisis’’ and ‘’the army became stronger’’. Moreover, he stated that relations between Ukraine and Turkey was growing especially in trade, tourism, defense, aviation and space. For instance, he worded the goal to develop bilateral trade relations about 20 billion dollars and ability of citizens to travel to the other state with only ID cards.

Secondly, Canikli took the stage. He highlighted strong and deep relations between the two nations and underlined the importance of territorial integrity of Ukraine. He said ‘’ Of course, the Cold War created artificial differences between the two nations but Turkish people loved Ukrainians and Ukrainian people loved Turks. Number of tourists is the most important proof of this.’’ Additionally, he stated that bilateral relations and cooperation between the two states would continue to grow especially in trade, tourism, aviation and space.

The program continued with a folk dance show and treat of traditional foods.