News Center-TDO-24.08.2017- Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Turkey, AmanullahJayhoon, hosted a receptionin Sheraton Hotel regarding the 98th anniversary of independence. Several respected guests from diverse occupations joined to the event. 

Also, Turkish Minister of Interior Affairs, SüleymanSoylu, Chief of the Military Staff, HulusiAkara and Deputy Minister of Education, OrhanErdem were among the attendees.

The Program started with Ambassador Jayhoon’s speech. In his speech Jayhoon underlined the historical background of Turkish-Afghan friendship

Secondly, Soylu took the stage. He started his words as the day was really significant for Turkey and said ‘’ I really appreciate to be the co-president of Turkey-Afghanistan Mix Economic Commission’’. Moreover, he stated that the diplomatic relations between Turkey and Afghanistan officially started in March 1921, it friendly relations between these countries dates back to earlier. Furthermore, he said ‘’ Ones that desire World hegemony targeted Afghanistan too’’ and added ‘’ Peace would fit Afghanistan well’’.

Following, Akar gave a snap speech highlighted historical links between the two nations and deep feeling to help each other.

The program continued with treat of traditional foods.