Mustafa AY – TDO – 17.02.2018 In 2015, the Border Agreement that Kosovo and Montenegro took the first steps for led nationwide discussions to emerge in Kosovo because the opposition in Kosovo parliament put forward a claim suggesting that the agreement would cost them to the loss of 8,000 hectares. So, to be able to acquire the visa-liberalization with EU through Montenegro, Kosovo govt. was going to give 8,000 hectare area to Montenegro as a present, claimed the opposition in Kosovo parliament. After the opposition’s claims echoed, Kosovo society show up in the streets and launched a campaign of protests against the Border Agreement, which caused the serious clashes and uproars between the Kosovo police and the demonstrators then. In addition to Kosovo streets, in Kosovo parliament, the opposition throw tear gas in the main chamber of the parliament so that they could thwart the voting held for the agreement.

On Friday, the officials from Kosovo and Montenegro announced that they reached a consensus that will help remove the border boundaries. Kosovo has been aimed at obtainment of visa-liberalization with EU through the agreement with Montenegro. The President of Kosovo Hashim Tachi addressed this issue and stated that the agreement is convenient in terms of national interests and good and wise move for the further relationships with EU. In addition, President Tachi addressed the parliament for the ratification of the international agreement. Tachi put dot on the issue with these remarks: “Kosovo parliament needs to ratify the Border Agreement so that we can put it into implementation effective immediately. Our neighbor Montenegro’s been already ready for the deal.”

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