News Center-TDO-07.07.2017- Japanese Ambassador to Turkey, Hiroshi Oka, hosted a reception in the embassy regarding the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Several respected guests from diverse occupations joined to the event.

The program started with Ambassador’s speech. In his speech Oka stated that Japanese Self-Defense Forces was established in 1944 and regardless of their national duties respecting the values of the Japanese government as prioritizing freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law, Self-Defense Forces joined several peacekeeping operations under UN till now.  He gave the example of Somalia and said ‘’ In June, the head of the mission CTF150 General Fukuda assigned his position to his Turkish Fellow General Sezenler’’.

Moreover, he highlighted the good relationship between Japanese and Turkish military forces and referred to the Ertuğrul Frigate event which led the start of bilateral relations between the two countries. He said Japanese and Turkish armies have close relations and have common meetings regularly.

Finally, he announced that this was the last reception hosted by him as his term was ended. He thanked to everyone in the saloon and said ‘’ I am proud of being Ambassador in Turkey and thanks to you, I served for the development of the relations between the two state’’.

 The program continued with treat of traditional foods.