Mustafa AY – TDO – 09.08.2018 Italian Parliament has just approved 10 new patrol boats and 2 large rescue ships’s donation to Libyan Coastguard. Rome is planning to hand over patrol boats and rescue ships to Libyan authorities till the end of August. Italian government sealed off its harbours to NGOs’ rescue ships because EU Council remained indifferent to Rome’s calls for remedying existing issue of migration. Afterwards, EU-centered international NGOs, who’ve been executing rescue missions on international waters, predictably overreacted Italia’s stance on migration.

Once Libya encountered intervention from international coalition during the late Qaddafi era –later called as civil war- Libyan Naval Forces and Coastguard lost many of its vessels because of bombing campaign of coalition. That’s why, Libya’s has confronted with lack of vessels, which makes Libyan Coastguard’s struggle for rescue missions hard. Since EU-centered international NGOs severely and rightly critized Italy’s decision on the matter of its ports and Libya’s insufficiencies on rescue missions, Italy has to give the vessels to Libya.

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