Mustafa AY – TDO – 15.11.2018 On Wednesday, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman proclaimed his resignation from the office on account of PM Netanyahu’s favourable return to Hamas’s ceasefire calls. In his resignation speech, Lieberman said that PM Netanyahu made a huge mistake by accepting Hamas’s ceasefire offer because it poses colossal threat to Israel’s long-term national security.

Following intensifying conflict between Hamas and Israel, Hamas’s political bureau called on Tel Aviv administration to have mutual ceasefire. However, Israeli Ministry of Defence guided by Avigdor Lieberman remained indifferent by not responding Hamas’s calls. On Tuesday, Lieberman said that they will continue to execute aerial strikes on Hamas’s sites. However, Netanyahu’s favourable return to the calls ignited a tension between Netanyahu and Lieberman.

During his speech in a ceremony in honour of one of founding fathers of Israel –Ben Gurion-, Netanyahu specified why he accepted the call with these words: “When making crucial and vital decision for Israel’s national security, we have to take public into consideration… Hamas literally begged for ceasefire.”

PM Netanyahu has faced with multiple objections over some specific issues from Lieberman. Recently, Lieberman has opposed to Netanyahu’s consent to Qatari gas into Gaza. As well as this, Lieberman objected Netanyahu’s order given for delaying demolition of Palestinian settlements in Khan al-Ahmar. 

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