Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Exit polls of early general elections in Israel announced. According to exit polls, there is little difference between the Likud Party, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Blue and White Alliance, led by former Chief of General Staff Benny Gantz. According to polls, Netanyahu failed to get the majority in parliament.

Netanyahu-led Likud Party won 33 seats in the 120-seat Israeli parliament, while Gantz's Blue-White Alliance won 34 seats. If the exact results are the same as the polls exit polls, the right-wing bloc led by Prime Minister Netanyahu will be unable to get the majority to form the coalition.

According to these results, the right bloc led by Likud Party did not reach the number of 61 deputies required to come to power while removing 56 deputies. The Blue-White Alliance and the left-wing bloc will be represented by a total of 43 deputies.