Mustafa AY- TDO- On Saturday night, IDF's aircrafts, artillery units and tanks executed heavy bombardment on Hamas targets in Palestine' Gaza, on which Tel Aviv imposed blockade for years. Israeli officials stated that they targeted intelligence bureaus, projectile production plants and tunnels that Hamas utilized for sneaking into Israel.

With this heavy strike on Gaze Strip, Israel was aimed at retaliating Hamas' rocket barrage which rained down on Israel's southern city, Be'er Sheva. The Ministry of Defense claimed that Hamas fired roughly 250 rockets over Be'er Sheva, however, not all of them reached the city since Israel's well-known air-defense missile systems 'Iron Dome' intercepted them on air.

 As a result of mutual assails, Palestinian authorities claimed that a-14-month-old infant, a pregnant woman and a 22 years old man terribly lost their lives. On the side of Israel, an Israeli citizen got slightly injured.

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