Mustafa AY – TDO – 09.09.2018 Ayatollah Ali Sistani -Iraqi top Shi’ite cleric- issued an ultimatum to coerce Haider al-Abadi Government to cease use of excessive violence against anti-government demonstrators in the country’s one of the most vital city, Basra, in terms of oil. Sistani underlined the fairness and rightfulness of protest, which is persisting for almost two months, in Basra.

Basra residents hold al-Abadi Government accountable for the city’s collapsed infrastructure, unemployment, poverty and corruption. That’s why, they demand resignation of government. In response to call for resignation by protestors, al-Abadi Administration authorized security forces to use excessive violence against protestors so that outrageous crowds could be dispersed and demonstrations could be quelled before it’s too late for himself.

Since al-Abadi granted authority to security forces in Basra for use of excessive violence against Basra dwellers, Iraqi police performed excessive violence to cease ongoing demonstrations. However, they apparently failed to do so. From this Monday on, Iraqi police killed approximately 10 demonstrators. Even though Iraqi citizens face with murder of their fellows, they insistently perpetuate their cause.