Mustafa AY – TDO – 06.05.2018 In 2015, P5+1 countries (Britain, France, USA, China, Russia and Germany) conducted long-lasting negotiations so that they could accomplish reaching unanimity on the issue of nuclear disarmament of Iran. As a result, all parties concurred with each other’s wants and signed the Accord. According to the Accord, Iran was going to renounce its nuclear program and in return, USA was going to lift the prohibitive sanctions on Iran.

In 2016, when Donald Trump came to power, that Trump administration’s remarks on the Accord like “the Accord with Iran is excatly catastrophic” fueled the tensions between two countries. According to Trump, Iran and other remaining countries should convene to alter the terms of Accord, which thereafter resulted in threatening words/ultimatum of Iran: ”there will be harsh consequences for USA”.

On Satırday, Ali Shamkhani -Iranian Secretary of National Security Council- had interview with FARS news agency and told “this is an international agreement. USA’s arbitrary behaviour against the deal and Iran is not acceptable…” In addition, Iranian Secretary Shamkhani put a dot on that they are capable of resisting every sort of bullying from USA.