News Center-TDO-21.09.2017- United Nation (UN) Ankara Office and Japanese Embassy, conducted an event regarding International Day of Peace in Ankara Municipality Botanical Garden. Several respected guests joined to the event.

Initially,Prof.Dr. C. Tayyar Sadıklar who is the President of Turk-Japanese Foundation and Representative of World Peace Bell in Turkey, made an openin speech. In his speech he reminded that the first peace bell constructed abroad is this and said ‘’Officials work for world peace seems to be failed as we look into the news’’.

Secondly, Irena Vojackova-Sollorano, MUKIM Coordinator of UN, took the stage and highlighted ongoing refugee crisis in Myanmar and Syria. She worded ‘’ Turkey hosts more than tree million refugees from Syria and UN supports it. Also, we encourage other states tos hare the burden’’.

Finally, Kuici Nakamura from Japanese Embassy in Anlara, gave some information about the bell and said that hopefully these kind of remarks bring peace to World.

Following opening speeches, a mini concert and Zeybek show happened.  The program ended with the Bell Ceremony .