Economic crisis in Greece provokes racismDemocracy is the regime for well fed societies. A society is democratic when it is well fed and only when it is well fed. If a society has to go hungry, it is not interested in democracy. Then what is deemed necessary from society is bread and not rights, freedoms, rules or responsibilities. This is a sad process which rarely ends well and Greece has entered this ride of horror.Greece was never a country where different groups lived in harmony. Athens was generally not good at establishing good relations with its neighbours. Whatever anyone might say the fact remains that along with the Vatican, Greece was one of the two religious states in Europe. Greece is also the only European state which has race based official policies. Greece was not a country for which one often used the words concord or harmony. But now circumstances are worse. The people are becoming poorer. The state has gone bankrupt. The system relies on Europe wiping off old debt and lending anew at regular intervals. Unemployment in Greece continues to rise and the economy continues to contract. Debts continue to mount in Greece. Social tension is very high. Everyone is unhappy, upset and reactive.During extraordinary times fringe ideas and parties attract more attention. Under unusual circumstances, unusual people and groups come to be preferred. The collective subconscious reacts. The diseases which were kept hidden and masked in society begin to fester like a wound.Societies rarely accept their own faults. It is always someone else who is at fault. Sometimes it is the neighbouring household, sometimes it is the neighbouring country that is to blame, depending on the scale. A guilty party is selected and collectively detested. Reactions target that party. In some countries the guilty party is selected among the especially weak groups such as minorities, foreigners and immigrants.For some reason the faulty party was not selected from among those who caused the debts which led to Greece going bankrupt. African immigrants became targets as if it was they who had done the borrowing and the Turkish minority in Western Thrace and the Aegean Islands as though they had ill spent the funds. There were even those who blamed Turkey for the crisis. It was claimed that Greece carried out unnaturally high expenditure on its military and armaments because of Turkey. Those who voiced such a claim must not know that both Greece and Turkey are members of the NATO.  Her nedense borca batıp iflas eden Yunanistan’da “suçlu” o borca neden olanlar arasından seçilmedi. Racist attacks have been on the rise in Greece in recent years. The number of attacks targeting foreigners and immigrants has increased. In Greece one can easily become a target due to skin colour or choice of clothing. It is not only those who live in Greece but are not from Greek or Orthodox origin who think this. Internationally respected human rights organisations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International share these concerns. The fact that the police has arrested 1,500 immigrants and taken 6,700 into custody fans these concerns. Nikos Dendias, Minister for Public Safety and Protection of Citizens has announced that a presidential decree has been issued for the establishment of a special unit within the Greek police force tasked with preventing racism. This method may protect victims from the racists. But who is going to protect the victims of the police?It is said that most of the racist attacks and the inhuman and racially motivated harassment and assaults by the police go unrecorded in Greece. Therefore the present frightening numbers are probably the tip of the iceberg. It is known that organisations such as the Golden Dawn have become increasingly popular among civil servants in Greece and that the far right political views are on the rise. The European Union and the United Nations are watching rising fascism in Greece with increasing concern. Perhaps it is more than just the state coffers which have become bankrupt in Greece. The state coffers may be filled with transfers with many zeros from Brussels and Berlin, but the moral bankruptcy in Greece cannot be so easily healed. 

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