Armenian organizations’ claims and deeds upon the assuptions that some historical works, which are in Northern Caucasia, Iran and Turkey, belong to Armenia, have gained acceleration after the dispersal of the Soviet Union. Within these deeds, it has been acknowledged that a book named “Old Armenian Monuments in the Urumiye Region and the History of Urartu” has been pubished. As if this is not enough, a documentary film has been shot!.. The expenses of the book and the film have been supplied by the Council of World Churhes whose center is in Zurich, Swiss. Unfortunately, the Armenian genocide claims in the West have been based upon illusory and subjective memoir like publications. However, “history is valid with documents” is an universally accepted statement by scientists. Scientific works that are basen on archives will erase biased and political approaches. Archives are the authentic documents among other historical sources that will convey reality objectively. Therefore, the politically handled issue of Armenia in the West should be reconsidered through real historical sources. In order to give verdicts about historical issues and events, archives that are the authentic documents of the past, are the main sources for investigators of history. Within this frame, it is inevitable to have deficiancies in the writings about the regional and world history without considering Turkish archives. Publications about the Armenian issue in the West are deficient, wrong and subjective since they are not based on first hand sources. However, there are millions of documents on the subject in Turkey. And these documents are in the quality of illuminating the issue objectively. In this frame, we bear it a duty to answer a book and film promoted by “Generations’ Memory Foundation” headed by Valeri Stepanyan. ARMENIANS WANT THE TURKEY BORDER TO BE OPENED! AND YET WANT SOME OTHER THINGS AS WELL... It has been acknowledged that the American Armenian Assembly demanded help, about opening the Turkey Armenia border, from the US Congress by sending them a letter last month. In the statement by Vosibikian, the executive director of the Assembly, it has been asserted that “Turkey should forget the past and open the borders. For, the blockade is harmful for both countries’ economy.” Here we see another wrong approach of Armenians. Firstly, it is not Turkey who is unable to forget the past. On the contrary, it is Armenia and its diaspora who do not forget and does everything for not forgetting the past, who makes use of the so-called genocide in every occasion and who demands territory and indemnity from Turkey. Secondly, it is again Armenia who will benefit from opening of the border. Because, it is Armenia whose economy is weak, who does not have opening to sea and who constantly has problems with its neighbours. Therefore, the border issue is more of Armenia than of Turkey. In this frame, if Armenia is in positon of demanding from Turkey, it should watch out for its own manners. Because Turkey has long been a country who wishes peace on earth. Plus, having good relations with neighbours is the basis of its international relations. If and only if neighbours behave like neighbours of course! Recently, there has been established a foundation named “The Memory of Generations”. Its aim is, “helping Armenians to receive indemnity for material and emotional damage they were subjected to in the Ottoman peridod.” Another aim is to make Turkey open its border. The representative of the foundation Valeri Stepanyan points out that, “they will work for the recognition of the genocide not only with juridical and political aspects but also with economical ones. They will endeavor to file a complaint and make Turkey pay indemnities. Thus render the genocide officially recognized.” Yet more importantly, he adds that the Armenian Ministery of Foreign Affairs is backing them up. As it is evident, although Armenia claims to be off diaspora activities, the truth is here! Here, would not it be a waste of time to discuss a country’s demands who blocks the ways of reconciliation, who does not forget the past, who demands territory form its neighbour and then says “come on open your border and let’s make peace”?

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