News Center -TDO-Brazilian Ambassador to Turkey Eduardo Gradilone and his spouseDiva Gradilone hosted a reception at the Brazilian Embassy in Ankara in consequence of the ceremony of Colonel Carlos Henrique Afonso Silva, the Brazilian Defense Attaché, handed over to Colonel Marcio Martins Vilara.

Ambassadors, military attaches and many other guests attended to the reception.

In his speech, the Ambassador welcomed Vilara as the successor and shared some of what happened during Silva’s service. As he stated, Silva and his staff renovated the premises of the embassy, ‘’several trips to Mersin to receive the Brazilian commanders and ships which lead the UNIFIL Maritime Force in Lebanon, to receive logistic support from the Turkish government’’, maintaining the 160 years of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Turkey,  the embassy’s support to Brazilian delegations coming to Turkey and lastly their presence in the events organised by the Turkish government. At the end of his speech, he wished both Silva and Vilara the best.

In his farewell speech, Colonel Afonso stated that during his service as Brazilian DefenceAttache for two years, he had faced some difficulties and challenges. With the support he received, he managed to accomplish his mission successfully. He thanked everyone who contributed their help and support during his service in Ankara. At the end of his speech, he wished success for his successor, Navy Captain Vilars.

The AMAC dean shared the news of Colonel Carlos Henrique Afonso Silva returning to their home country, Brazil. In his farewell speech, the Dean of AMAC stated that Silva was an active member in AMAC. He shared how active he was during his service and gave him the AMAC farewell present.  At the end of his speech, he welcomed Captain Navy Marcio Martins Vilara as a new member to the AMAC and wished him the best for his appointment.

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