Mustafa AY – TDO – 10.08.2018 On Tuesday, İzzettin al Qassam Bridages -Hamas’s military branch- launched 200 missiles over Israel. According to Israeli administrations’ remarks, Hamas’s missiles exploded on an unsettled land near southern Israeli city of Be’er Sheva while Israeli defence systems ‘Iron Dome’ intercepted some of 30 missiles on air. Israeli officials continued with that there is no casulty during missile assail. In right aftermath of attacks, Israeli Air Forces’ aircrafts performed a retaliatory airstrikes over approximately 150 targets in Gaza Strip.

Cuurently, Tel Aviv administration is conducting reconciliation-purpose negotiations, which Egypt is arbitrating, with Hamas’s political bureau with the aim of making Hamas cease 5-month violent conflict in Gaza Strip. Parties is trying to compromise although both sides are still attacking on each other.  According to Sputnik’s news, Israel and Hamas reached a ceasefire agreement on Thursday. But, that Israel’s envoy to UN –Danny Danon- called upon UN member countries to denounce Hamas makes the claims unfounded validly.


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