In the times of population exchange, descendants of Greek refugees who migrated from Tekirdað Iþýklar neighborhood to the Greek city of Thessaloniki and built Nea Rodostos (Yeni Tekirdað) in Greece have met in the same table with Turks after 94 years by participating the evening meal during Ramadan (iftar) in Iþýklar neighborhood.Before the meal, guests have visited historical Greek houses, the Church and Greek cemetery. Thereafter the meal which contains overtones of the both Greek and Turkish traditional cuisines, the past memories have shared in an exhibition of the common photos. Özay Ceylan, the president of Greeks Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation in Iþýklar neighborhood, said the both Greeks and Turks had suffered a lot in the times of population exchange. He also told that Greeks often visit the neighborhood in order to see the places where their ancestors had lived.Ceylan said that ‘Our friends tell us that they will visit us ever so often. When they visit us, we will host them, later when we visit them, they will host us. A step has been taken and good friendships have established.’The Greek guests have mentioned about their happiness and honor by the reason of being in Turkey. They have also said that ‘Visiting the land of our ancestors is unexplainable feeling. It is like that we are living within the stories which our grandmothers have told us. It is impossible not to be amazed with such an organization. We wish to live same feelings again and to keep good relationships alive. We thank to everyone in here who host us and behave in a friendly manner.’Afterward the dinner that offered foods from the traditional cuisine, prays has been made in the both languages and fraternity messages have been send. Before the evening meal in Ramadan (iftar), the doves of peace were released into sky.
Mete Ersöz

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