The Greek state continues its policies of assimilating the Western Thrace Turkish Minority, which has remained in its territory by the stipulations of the Treaty of Lausanne.With the junta replacing the democratic order in Greece in 1967, the policies ran towards the Turkish minority became more vindictive. In keeping with Greece’s dogma that there are n Turks in Western Thrace, in 1983 the historical associations of the minority began to be shut down. In 1983, by the order of the Governor of Xanthi (Ýskeçe) Fannis Donnas, the sign of the Ýskeçe Turkish Union (ÝTB) was taken down. With the governor going to court for the ÝTB to be shut down in 1984, a long process began. The ÝTB’s fight for the rule of the law and democracy continued at the national level until February 2005. With the High Court (Arios Pagos) definitely ruling for the suspension of the union in February 2005, the ÝTB took its struggle to the European Court of Human Rights, with the case being filed at the ECHR in July 2005. The ECHR process took two and a half years and he court announced its decision on March 27th 2008. The European Court of Human Rights ruled in favour of the ÝTB. However, despite the ECHR ruling, the signpost of the Ýskeçe Turkish Union is still to be returned.By Özcan Ali OSMANYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of July

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