The Golden Dawn (Hrisi Avgi) organisation has resurfaced in Greece. The people who have been tried by the system’s collapse due to the economic crisis, the tragic situation approaching state bankruptcy and heavy pressure from Europe now have to suffer Golden Dawn terrorism. The Golden Dawn mostly targets leftists and immigrants.Though it may sound strange, if you are a foreigner and you do not look like a Greek, if you cannot speak good Greek without an accent, you may not be able to enter every neighbourhood or pass through every street in Greece. The Golden Dawn might be waiting for you there. Those who think that this cannot happen in the European Union  and in the 21st century may heed the Human Rights Watch organisation. Conditions have deteriorated so much in Greece that foreigners make use of city maps. Those maps show neighbourhoods to be avoided and neighbourhoods which are safe.In those neighbourhoods young men wearing black and carrying, sticks, pipes, chains, knives and bottles prowl for a target. The victim may be an immigrant, a Muslim or a leftist. Before the crisis, Greece’s bankruptcy and Athens having to rely on European Union funds to make payments, the Golden Dawn had less than 1 percent vote. It now has 10 percent.. The Golden Dawn believes that Greek blood and country are sacred. They hate everyone and everything including foreigners, immigrants, leftists, Jews, Gypsies, Albanians, Bosnians and Turks. The European press claims that the Golden Dawn is popular within the Greek police organisation. Given the Greek police’s approach to foreigners and minorities it is not surprising.As the decline of the country continues, Nazi wannabes will continue to strengthen. National pride which was flattened by Europe and the European Union is reacting. But since the crisis is likely to last many years in Greece, measures need to be taken. The best option might be to do what Germany is doing with regard to the NPD and outlaw the Golden Dawn.Health Infrastructure Collapsing in GreeceHospitals are closing down. Medicine is increasingly difficult to find. As Greece implements harsh austerity measures in education and healthcare and as retirement pensions are slashed, the funds lent by the European Union to Athens have only been used to pay back debt. However, patience is running thin in Greece.The health system is running a loss of EUR 3 billion in Greece. Thus only 82 of the 132 hospitals in Athens are still functional. The Greek people cannot afford private healthcare and public hospitals are finding it difficult to meet demand. The state healthcare insurance firm EOPYY owes pharmacies, domestic and foreign drug firms more than EUR 1 billion. Finding certain kinds of medicine is not easy in Greece. Pharmacies which are not paid what they are owed by the EOPYY do not want to give out cancer treatment drugs. Because they cannot receive what they are owed, they are having difficulty making payments to drug firms. Although they do not get paid the cost of the medicine upon sale to the EOPYY, they still have to pay income tax and VAT for the transaction. 

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