Russian and Chinese vessels have started their military exercise in the sea of Japan named “Joint Sea 2 2015”. Russian Eastern Military Zone Spokesman Roman Martov said that the exercise which is to end on August 28th will be the largest joint military exercise to be carried out by Russia and China following April’s “Joint Sea 1 2015” drill in the Mediterranean.
Martov stated that the naval exercise by Russia and China is not against a potential enemy and that the aim of the drill is to increase the capability of the two countries’ navies for working together. The exercise involves 22 naval vessels, 20 aircraft, more than 40 amphibious vehicles and more than 500 sailors from the two countries.
Saying that the active exercise will begin on August 24th, Martov added “Submarine, anti-aircraft and other defence operations will be carried out. There will be simulations against aerial, marine and submarine targets. The two military units will test their coordination work.”
By Mete Ersöz