According to data from Turkstat and the Ministry for Customs and Trade, Turkey’s exports have fallen by 11.1 per cent in December 2015, compared to the same month the previous year and were worth USD 11,802 million.
Top destinations for Turkish exports in December 2015 were Germany (USD 1.2 billion), the UK (USD 764 million), Italy (USD 638 million) and the USA (USD 590 million).
Turkey imported the most from China in December 2015 with imports worth USD 2.2 billion. China was followed by Germany (USD 2 billion), Russia (USD 1.7 billion) and the USA (USD 961 million).
Latest data show that while exports fell by 11.1 per cent in December 2015 compared to December 2014, among the provinces of Turkey, Istanbul came first with exports worth USD 6 billion (51 per cent of the total). Istanbul was followed by Bursa (USD 729.9 million, 6.2 per cent), Izmir (USD 723.8 million, 6.1 per cent), Ankara (USD 701.9 million, 5.9 per cent) and Kocaeli (629.4 million, 5.3 per cent).
In terms of imports, Istanbul again topped the list with 10.2 billion worth of imports (57 per cent). It was followed by Ankara (USD 834.7 million, 4.6 per cent), Kocaeli (USD 834.7 million, 4.6 per cent), Izmir (USD 796 million, 4.4 per cent) and Bursa (USD 708.8 million, 3.9 per cent). Turkey’s imports fell by 17.5 per cent in December 2015 compared to December 2014 and were worth USD 17,984 million).
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