Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.07.2018 On Thursday, Spanish Constutional Court withdrew its international arrest warrant, which was issued against former Catalan leader Charles Puigdemont. Even if Spanish Court decided on withdrawal of its international warrant, the court still proceeds with keeping national arrest warrant in force. Following Spanish Constitutional Court’s decision, the question marks with regards to whether processing of extradition to Spain will go on occupied many people’s minds. But, on Friday, the High Court of German northern Schleswig-Holstein State released official decision stasifying people’s fondness about the matter. German Regional Supreme Court halted processing of extradition of fugitive ex-leader Charles Puigdemont to Spain. So, both Puigdemont and 5 fugitive Catalan politicians are free of detainment by German authorities. As known, German police detained former Catalan leader as he was crossing German-Finnish border.

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