The night of 15 July 2016 became a night that a generation has never lived and that we can never forget with lots of feeling like fear, sadness and hope blended. An unusual rumble of war crafts that tear the sky of capital, the news from Istanbul, exploded bombs right after, hear of shots, dead of the sons of motherland and with what we are able to hear about what is happening all have dropped on our hearts as fear and worry. The coup days that we have listened from the media, families, teachers and that we have read from books, articles have suddenly entered our lives one more time by the voice of the commentator who looked toward us with fear in her eyes in TRT building that is seized. What was happening? In Turkey of 21st century, a black night that TRT building was seized, chief of general staff was taken as hostage and glorious Turkish army clashed with glorious Turkish police has molded with sequence of events that aircraft, tank and gun voices blended and has become a heavy like never happened.As time progressed, president of the republic, prime minister, ministers, and army commanders started to call out to noble Turkish nation one by one in TV channels via their cell phones. As it started to be understood as time passes few hours after midnight, neither command echelon of Turkish army nor rooted state understanding of our history did not support this coup attempt and it was remaining as a futile attempt of a group which is not clear who they are serving.The support of the Nationalist Action Party general president who calls the prime minister at the beginning of first moments of the coup attempt, later Republican Party general president and all the parliament members revealed that the attempt that the public was not supporting will end in a very short time. In our history coming from pre-eternity, our democracy understanding since constitutional monarchy and throughout our republic since 1923, we have showed ourselves and to entire world that we took lessons from our past experiences, we learnt democracy and improved it according to our understanding. Thus, Turkish nation have made a practice how they come together immediately without any hesitation from Izmir to Istanbul and Ankara to all Anatolia if it is required. From past till now, our all political parties left their ideologies beyond and acted accordingly showed us honorable stance of our national will and its history constructed on solid base. This is a simple example for Turkish nation who never trample on its dignity and never will but a great and rare case for the world.In Turkish army that tackled seven super powers head on and brought them into line, whose roots coming from Central Asia with its thousand years tradition, it was unrealistic to think such an attempt without chain of command will succeed. It did not succeed. For centuries, Turkish nation established on many three trivets models from horse, woman, gun to army, scholars, administrator have lived at liberty since pre-eternity and will live at liberty forever. On the night of 15 July, we saw that none of the powers can trample on the will of Turkish nation. So, how did this happen? On night of 15th, every son of the Turkish nation acted with his faith that he is deeply bounded up with and let his national army to move and do what necessary is in accordance with its will created as a result of his faith. Millions took to the streets or the others always act accordingly with this faith. Turkish nation will always be everlasting as long as he remains its faith. This faith is so holy as it cannot be a tool for the propaganda of a political party and it is so supernal as some who are impertinent, ignorant and not able to do anything except consuming what is served cannot chew. This is the most important three trivets that make us supreme. Faith, will, national power.In the mid of July 2016, all the world saw that Turkey Republic is not one of the 3rd world country that imperialist powers have invaded and robbed and it cannot be compared with those 3rd world countries. That unfortunate night, regardless of what happened, remembered us that when required, the force we needed is in our noble blood in our veins. Like, it was in the group who established the republic and like it was in its leader. In the Middle East, which worsen each passing day, Turkish nation and Turkey Republic will not be a part of the nasty games of some powers. The coup attempt that we witnessed to the history was a test that we all together got over. It is necessary to know there are always new tests and upcoming tests will be harder. In a reshaped Middle East and the world, Turkey Republic must make its move truly against cruelties of imperialist powers that are far from right and legitimacy. All these moves will made according to free will of all constituents of Turkish nation. It should not be forgotten that our supreme nation that could reflect its national will with its ruling and oppositions party on the whole is mighty and noble to be able to find new leaders, to create new political parties and even to establish a new parliament. We should continue to work and to think in order to last this mightiness forever. Supreme Turkish nation has showed his supreme honor, dignity once more to the entire world, has broken all the plans and it has reminded once more that it can tackle seven super powers head on, as it happened one century ago.
Mithat Kemal İman