European Parliament made a resolution to freeze EU membership negotiations with
Turkey because of so-called Turkish disrespect to human rights, martial law, debates
about Lausanne Treaty and probability of re-introducing death sentence. Actually,
many influential leaders like Merkel insisted on the continuity of relations
regardless of everything. Yesterday morning Central Bank increased interest
rates and the value of dollar decreased. Following EP resolution, the value of
dollar increased again. Grand National Assembly of Turkey strongly condemned
the event. It has been announced that European Commission approval needed to
make it legally binding.Additional to EP
decision, Austria suspended arms sale due to collective redundancy, arrested
journalists, scholars and civil life losses caused by military operations.
Austrian Green Party Security Policies Department Spokesman Peter Pliz said
that Austria is the first state which imposed sanctions against AKP government
and he invited whole European states to do the same. It is not the first
attempt against Turkey by Austria. Recently in this Summer, there was a crisis
as Austrian officials put a writing on a board in Vienna Airport as ‘’ By going
to Turkey for your holiday, you are just supporting Erdogan.’’ After Turkish
debates of entering Shanghai Five instead of EU, today President Erdoğan said if
EU do more things against Turkey, Turkey will open borders to refugees to go to
Europe. He said that Europe only cared to humanitarian crisis after some
sensational events like baby Aylan or Ümran’s picture has been spread through
the media or when fifty thousand Syrian refugees beat a path to Europe’s door.
They only tried to prevent the pass of Syrian refugees to Europe.  He accused Europe to be deceptive about their
so-called humanitarianism. He repeated his famous sentence as ‘’World is bigger
than five ‘’ (5 permanent members of UNSC), highlighted the importance of human
and Turkish humanitarianism. Besides He called for reformations in UNSC and
acknowledged Turkish determination about being just and requested not to care
much to international reactions.

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